More Than a Decade of Crafting and Beauty


We draw our inspiration from the timelessness of the East, the evocative strokes of art, and the quiet power of nature.

At KHAMI, we believe in the allure of the artisan's touch. Every piece of jewelry is meticulously handcrafted, nurturing its unique character. Our creations undergo a laborious process, a transformation, before they find their way to you. All KHAMI products are lovingly manufactured in the European Union.

Khami Means Wind. The name "KHAMI" captures the essence of our brand. It's a gentle yet powerful force, whispering stories carried on the breeze. Just like the wind, we aim to create a sense of connection, where each piece tells a unique tale and becomes a part of your personal journey.

Explore our collection, and you'll find that KHAMI is not just a brand; it's an experience. A journey through each piece, a connection to your unique style, and an invitation to discover the beauty of the world.

Sincerely yours, Marianna and Laura.